Darke County Republican Party

Honorable John Boehner 

Republican Representative

 for Ohio's Eighth Congressional District

visits Darke County Victory Center

Zehringer speaks before BoehnerZehringer speaks before Boehner
Jim Zehringer speaks before John Boehner arrives.
Zehringer speaks before BoehnerBeagle speaks before Boehner
Candidate for Fifth Ohio Senate District Bill Beagle speaks before John Boehner arrives.
John Boehner arrives in Darke CountyJohn speaks to Darke county residents
John arrives and greets some of his committee members.John Boehner tells Darke County residents of his plans for Congress after January 1.
Above pictures compliments of Kurt Fritsch
Waiting for Boehner
Waiting for Boehner
Boehner supporters waiting for John's arrival
Waiting for Boehner Waiting for Boehner
Lyn Bliss and Representative Jim Zehringer (77th District) talking about plans for calling on election day.Candidate for Ohio's Fifth Senate District Bill Beagle speaks to group before John arrives.
Boehner arrives Boehner speaks
John is welcomed by Representative Jim Zehringer.John speaks regarding his plans for Congress when Republicans again have the majority. Representative Zehringer and Darke County Republican Executive Committee  Chairman Cindy Pike to the right.
Boehner with crowd Boehner with Bowers
Darke County Republican Women's Club President Margaret Muhlenkamp talks to John after his speech.Greenville's Mayor Mike Bowers and John pose for a "photo op" -- with Greenville City Council member Todd Oliver  to the left in background.
Boehner gets coffee Darke County Committee Members
John and his entourage walk the streets of Greenville -- John purchased coffee and one of his aides purchased a new pair of boots at the bootery. Later that night, the boots were reported to be "perfect"!John took time to pose for pictures with some members of his campaign committee prior to departing Greenville -- (l to r) Lyn Bliss, Boehner, Dori Howdieshell, Darke County Campaign Chairperson Kay Seiler.
Boehner with HowdieshellsBoehner with Blisses
Mark and Dori Howdieshell with Boehner.Lyn and Al Bliss with Boehner.
                         Just fooling around...........
Boehner supporters from Darke CountyClowning around

Pictures compliments of Bob Robinson

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